About the author

Baron Vanderlinx

Baron Vanderlinx is an absurdism fiction writer. He defies rationality and logic with absurdist fiction.

Absurdist literature is a genre of literature that uses non-chronological storytelling, irrational logic, parody, comedy, satire, dark humor, existentialism, nihilism and surrealism topics and themes.

Baron Vanderlinx, the maestro of absurdity, dances with chaos in his absurdism fiction. Picture this: a guy who got expelled from public school at the ripe age of 3, 4, or maybe 5, all thanks to his masterpiece of writing on the school walls. Move over Shakespeare!

Now, hold on to your blank pages because Baron’s brainchild, the “Blank Pages Project,” is a 500-page book with absolutely nothing on it. A stolen idea? Nope, just conveniently adopted by big paper companies as “notebooks” in the back-to-school aisle. Genius, right?

Oh, did I mention his impressive degrees in Celsius and Fahrenheit and a Major “problem” in Creative Writing with graffiti since childhood, and now he’s attempting books? No kindergarten for this rebel—probably too busy hating broad beans. And here’s the kicker: he saves the best for last by eating it first because, as he puts it, “‘now’ is all you have.” Total joker move.

Hold your applause, because Baron is also the proud winner of a $5 ‘Scratch and Win’ lottery ticket from a corner store. Step aside, Nobel Prize! Make room for this guy.